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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> ♪ emotional final goodbye today to a fallen officer killed in the line of duty. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. >> thousands of mourners including family friends and fellow officers paid their
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respects today to california highway patrol manikin i don't know young strom killed last week in the line of duty. john begins our coverage tonight. about ♪ [ playing] once again a dreaded tragedy brought members of law enforcement together in a place nobody wanted to ever be. this time they were here for 37-year-old kenyon young strom. the chp officer killed last week death which leaves his 4 children with only memory of their dad. 17-year-old son alex told how much his father means to him. >> never realize i talk about him all the time bring him up all the time. that's proud i am of him. i realize also that bringing him up i kind of felt cooler. >>reporter: nearly 4000 people filled the mission church in vacaville. including governor jerry brown and attorney general pamela harris both whom didn't speak. one of them point an tribute came from young strom partner tyler carlton was there when he was
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murdered during a traffic stop last week. it was carlton who killed the gunman just ambushed his partner. >> i know you can hear me want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always be there for me. about and i look forward to seeing you again brother. >>reporter: officer carlton >>reporter: officer carlton received a standing ovation about. >> god bless his partner. went right there took care of business. even though his heart had to be broken. and boy what a young man. to speak at your father's funeral and be that close and composed. >> kenyon displayed the true character, honor, profound commitment required to make a difference. he has made lasting impression. >>reporter: morning gap with motorcade from the funeral home
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down highway 29. eastbound traffic on 80 stopped in order to let the proceedings pro session pass as firefighters and others pause to salute the procession much slower as it left the mission church surrounded by hundreds of police from all over the country and few who used to wear the chp badge. >> so proud. to be a member of something like this. to show such respect for fallen officer. >>reporter: officer young strom was laid to rest at the sacramento valley national cemetery. that is a military cemetery in dixon. in addition to his seven years with the chp he was also a member of the army reserve. in vacaville, abc 7 news. john mentioned that motorcade. it was an impress proyv session 50 miles in several bay area freeway. people line streets and overpasses to pay their respec respect. wayne has that part of the story. >> if you have ab who are the notion we live in a cold detached world, this might
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reassure you. >> pay my respect. i have a neighbor that is chp sergeant. >> nap city fire department rarely looks forward to hauling and hoisting this flag. they have done it before. >> unfortunately probably in the neighborhood of about 6 to continue times in my contrary. >>reporter: as they hung it today waiting for a funeral procession that began in saint helena and followed highway 29 en route to vallejo. marina brought her young daughter. >> what do you tell your little girl about this. >> just that life is precious. every day we never know if we are going to have another day or come home or be with our families. >>reporter: truth made more likely for those who swear to serve and protect. >> pay tribute to his memory and thank him for the years of service that he provided and the life that the he's offered to those that 7 his organ. >>reporter: all the thoughts and we shalls for for man none of the people ever met but certainly they know someone like him. particularly
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ida bruce. her husband is a chp cadette. he graduate ins february. >> and then? >> and then he's out on the streets. >>reporter: so as ida bruce walks the procession she has a mix of emotion. pry. sadness. probably worry. can you immanuel what his family is going through today. >> absolutely not. >>reporter: nor would she want to. after the procession passed napa city fire department lowered the ladder took down the flag and put it away. hope to not raise it again in these kind of circumstances for a long time. in nap a-wayne friedman, abc 7 news. if you would like to make a contribution to officer young strom's family visit any wells fargo bank or mechanic bank and asked for funds to be contributed to the young strom children benefit memorial fund gentleman pg&e claims it has been trying to replace miles of old cast iron pipe buried beneath san francisco but the city won't let them. state regularlytor siding with pg&e.
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there are 43 miles of cast iron pipe running beneath the city that pg&e wants to replace. utility says the city public work department won't let them because of the pre-paving ordinance. of p uc commission attorney says the problem pose as mostly clear and present danger. >> san francisco that problem is come pounled because not only do we have this cast iron pipe but also earthquake prone area. we know from the horrible fire of 19 06 that when the gas main rupture they can burn the entire city. >> san francisco city attorney says he shares the safety kevrnlts he wants to meet with the cpuc as soon as possible to determine what exactly is holding up the process. faulty kitchen appliance believed to be the cause of devastating fire overnight at private school in menlo park. investigators say it appears a pinch cable lead to go electric range where the fire started at the school. flames then swept through the school main building just before 4 this morning destroying a third
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grade classroom and several administrative offices. the school principal says the fire is taking an emotional toll on everyone especially the teacher whose room was destroyed. >> devastated. hard work she put into making that environment really special for the kids and now now it's gone. so that's really hard. >> the school will be closed until at least monday. in the mean time officials need to find a temporary home for the third graders when classes resume. damage to the building is estimated at more than 40 400,000 dollars. oakland hills a lot of smoke 2 alarm fire burned a home honor folk drive. this is sky 7 hd overhead as the fair began just before six this evening. firefighters say it started in the basement then quickly spread through the walls. it didn't burn any living spaces. the home belongs to uc berkeley professor who is happy no one was injured. >> another set back for suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi. late today the city
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ethic commission denied a request by his lawyers to delay the bod supervisors decision on his future. they wanted to wait until after the november election. mirkarimi lawyers say that some supervisors will feel political pressure to fire him so that they can get rehe legislaturee legislatureed. ethic board said mirkarimi petition is based on pure speculation. they denied it. >> monday mark 1 year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement and had a that could mean big headaches for commuters in san francisco. today occupy protestors announce they will stage a march this coming monday around the financial district scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. during the peak of the evening commute. monday day of action begins with noon time protest that san francisco war memorial building. demonstration will also take place in the castro district and at pg&e headquarters on market street. officials at yosemite national park now ex paned their outreach effort following another case of the rare but deadly hantavirus. 9 people now come down witness. 3 died.
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most of them stayed in the tent cabin at curry village. one caught the virus at high sierra campground. they now take steps to notify anyone who spent the night at yosemite anywhere in the park since june of this year. 230,000 people. hantavirus most commonly spread through rodent droppings. >> crew pre-prepare to spray for mosquitos in east contra costa county to spread the spread of west nile virus. fogging truck spraying pesticide up until 11:00 o'clock tonight in several neighborhoods in brentwood and discovery bay. man in solana county and contra costa county woman are the first bay area victims of the virus thus year. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9. tension in the middle east heat up. the battle brewing in egypt and what we learn tonight about this week attack in libya. >> also protecting your medical privacy. the investigation that's uncovered thousands of medical records for sale. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. hoping for a warm weekend you came to the
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right place. i have all the details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. and the record breaking dog. it's a pretty remarkable great dane. let you know how great dane. let you know how much he eats every week. stay
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>> developing news in egypt right now. just after 6 in the morning and protestors have been clashing with police near the embassy there. the protest are centered over the object line independent film that portrays islam in a negative light and makes fun of mohammad. you can see a lot of police activity here. moments ago we saw one protestor being dragged by police so theory responding quite fiercely to the protest. we continue to monitor the situation. we have mr. for you coming up at 9:30. >> there is a federal law that is supposed to protect your medical records but we found a way to look at the records in just a matter of seconds. of jim avila explains. >> i have never met rafael. but i know his most private information. from social security number. insurance. even previous illness. >> everything from my name. my address. everything. >> i learned all that because his medical records are for sale against his wishes on the internet. >> i thought my medical records
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is one of the most confidential records. i'm shocked. >> here's what rafael and millions of others don't know. those confidential records supposedly protected by federal privacy laws just are not. abc news investigation has found thousands of patient electronic charts for sale. >> what is it the public doesn't know about their supposedly private medical records? >> private medical record may not be as private as you think. >>reporter: greg port era security specialist who track medical fraud and show us how easy it is to buy private medical records on the dark side of the internet. with nothing more complicated than public wi-fi at corner coffee shop. all here and on line. each name for sale for 14 to $25 each. diabetes patients sell for a premium. how did they get there? today's medical records are largely kept on computer. often available to not just your doctor but to every nurse clerk technician in the hospital. all it takes is one
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to sell to the black market. valuable leads for medical equipment sales people focusing on diabetic patients who need insulin pump or prescription drug sales people targeting heart patients with long-term drug needs and their doctor. >> federal government has rules against the unauthorized release of medical records but admit the law that suffered nearly 500 large scale breache breaches. exposing at least 21 million records. jim avila, abc news washington. >> new york city is cracking down on super size soda. new york city board of health today unanimously passed the nation first law restricting soda sale. it takes effect in 6 month and prohibit restaurants, mobile carts and concession stand from selling sugar drink in cup larger than 16 ounces. this will not aplay to grocery store. officials say this will help address the obesity problem. critic call it government run wild. something new in the record book. world tallest dog. look
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at this guy. he is as tall as the kitchen county. looks like drinking out of the faucet. the great dane was recognized by the guinness book of world records. 3-year-old is 44 inches tall and standing on the behind leg he stretches to more than seven feet suisse is his name. weighing 155 pounds and he take as 30 pound bag of da dog food every 2 weeks. he needs it. he's like a horse. >> you are right. >> absolutely gigantic. >> scary. don't mess with him. >> check on the forecast. >> okay. let's look outside live by way of our high definition vl sutro camera. looking out over san francisco and right now we have mainly clear skies. a little bit of fog at the coast. not moving very far out over the bay yet but here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. patches moved beyond the coast line as kahn see but most still socked up against the coast. these are our current temperature
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readings. 77 in the inland east bay. 72 livermore but everyone else cooled down rather nicely. 57 up north at santa rosa. 64 down south and 56 here in san francisco. these are our highlights. we see coastal fog again tonight. it's warm inland the next 3 daisy right after the wednesday then cooler pattern begins early next week. still rather mild overnight tonight mild fog low temperature mainly in the mid upper 50's and pull back and when did you see trickle of high clouds moving through the bay area we have those today. we'll continue to see some high cloud moving through tomorrow as the weak trough hanging back offshore. here's generating the flow the stream of high clouds in our direction so see few more tomorrow but won't have a significant cooling effect on us nor will the rather shallow marine layer 1,000 feet deep and coastal area a little bit on the cool side but inland area nice and
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warm tomorrow. so forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. see the fog early morning midday hours back to the coast then away from the coast. sunny sky and wide range of high pressure from low to mid 60's at the coast. 70's to about 80 around the bay. then 80's to 90's in our inland location. in the south bay we see high mainly in the low 80' 80's. 81 at san jose and cupertino. 83 saratoga. peninsula high of 72 at san mateo o. 76 redwood city. 77 palo alto and coastal high 59 at pacifica. 63 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco high from 62 at the sunset district to 66 downtown. north by high mainly in the low 80's. 83 calistoga and novato. 80 santa rosa and farther north mid 90's at ukiah clear lake. east bay, 71 oakland 73 hayward 75 newark 78. fremont inland east bay high in the upper 80's to low 90's up to 92 at antioch and
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livermore and near monterey bay we see high in the low 70's near the bay and upper dwroys about 90 inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm inland through suchbilityd 90 just above. 80 around the bay mid 60's on the coast. then temperature taper off few degrees early next week but still remain mild. sharp cool down. nice little pre-autumn cull cool down. >> look percent. >> it is going to be. >> thanks spencer. >> man i-phone 5 and how apple announcement caught the partner off guard. >> plus the newest gaming console when it hits stores and what make this is one differen different? stay with us. 7 news at 9 stay with us. 7 news at 9 continues right after this. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> just after mid nature apple fans can start to pre-order the new i-phone 5 on line. hidden cost the consumer pay to have the latest device. david explains. >> apple no doubt excited how the largelyer screen is playing to i-phone fans. how it is replace ago crunchy.connect or with a tiny 1 called lightning. that means you need a 30 dollar adapter to connect it to older dock our might have to buy a new cable. say you have existing car charger but the new i-phone 5. you ooelingts have to buy a new charger for 30 dollars or the adapter for 30 dollars. change apple made for the i-phone 5 already has accessory maker scrambling. they learn the details only yesterday yet want to have the new items ready when the 5 comes out at the end of next week. that helps to keep detail secret until apple unveils them. we spoke to zag that make the cases invisible shield for the screen that. tiny fraction of size that
9:24 pm
consumer may not think about it means that people like us we start over from scratch and it's brand new tooling. new mold. complete new production new packaging massive effort to support what customers want. >>reporter: typical 5 buyer will end up spending 50 to 100 dollars on accessory. the suppliers make estimated 2 bill a year for apple devices. >> only money. you are already shelling out a ton of money for 5 so i don't think consumer will notice but a lot were geek like myself will find it to be a little irritating. >> apple and wireless carrier are gearing up for pre-orders on line starting at midnight. hope is to avoid listening lines when the 5 is release add week from friday. >> people like the cull take your to get there early. some sleep out overnight. absolutely the easiest way to get one is to go on line
9:25 pm
tonight and order it and you will have it o the first day >> just imagine how cargo jets leaving china for the u.s. filled with i-phone and sack rest ri over the next few days to have product ready to go on sale at the end of next week n.san jose, 7 news. >> nintendo will launch the new gaming console in time for the holiday. touch screen and cost 300 dollars for the basic version. deluxe version for 350. it's the company first major gaming console to launch since 2006. it's expected to be available november 18. >> just ahead. tension escalate in the middle east. tonight the growing demonstration against the u.s. show no signs of ending. >> plus we learn more about the victims in tuesday attack in libya. tonight the toned down response from the campaign trail. >> also special honda for san francisco firefighters who francisco firefighters who risked his
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>> new unrest in the middle east. this is video from a few hours ago in cairo as demonstrators attack the u.s. embassy there. now morning and the protests are continuing. protestors have been throwing rock and bottles. we have also seen some demonstrators being dragged off by police. >> tension increase social immediate why sites like facebook play a part in trying to keep the peace. mark matthews has that and more toned down response from the campaign trail. >> in northern virginia today romney told supporters america needs leadership in the middle east. >> right now we are in mournin mourning. we have lost 4 of our diplomat across the world. we are thinking about their families and there's they have left behind. what a tragedy. >>reporter: romney words were
9:30 pm
interrupted bay heckler but no repeat of yesterday attack on the president to the lybian violence. in golden, colorado barack obama rae response were brief and apolitical. >> there are still threats in the world and we have to remain vigilant. that's why we have to be relentless in pursuing those who attack us. >>reporter: violent protest continue to spill across the middle east. tied to film that depicts the prophet mohammad as womanizer and fraud. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >>reporter: in libya 4 men arrested in connection with tuesday attack that killed ambassador chris stevens. investigators say they are tracking several others. 2 u.s. war ships are now positioned nearby and on social media sites like facebook, lybian are posting photographs condemning the attack. photographs are getting
9:31 pm
response from his here at home, california woman posted a message today shaiing the show of support from libya was meaningful and appreciated. state department the social media site were recognized at this morning briefing. >> it has been unbelievably supportive about so that speaks to the progress we are makeing in building bonds with the lybian people an we so appreciate it irngs we learn more about the man who made the film l that sparked these protest. authorities say he is a christian, california an and man who has been convicted of financial crimes. he has used a number of aliases and authorities believe he is the man who directed and produced the innocence of muslim. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. the we spoke today to one of ambassador stevens closest friends dr. peter bart the un mead 88 tor who worked with steve nens libya. he's
9:32 pm
currently visiting scholar at uc berkeley who described his friend as humanist who spword the quorps deep desire to do good. >> chris is one of those people was many of us who work in this line of work who have an interest in the cultures, language, the way that people other than us see the rest of the world. he took great delight inputting himself in the other person shoe in understanding their culture, the way they approach issues. he was born into this work. >> chris stevens is the first u.s. ambassador to die in an attack since 1979. 3 other victims of that attack on the consulate now identified. shawn smith was an information specialist husband and father of 2. 42-year-old glenn doherty former navy seal based in encinitas, southern california. we have learned that doherty was on intelligence mission to round up shoulder fire surface air missile and destroy them. fourth victim is ex navy seal tyrone woods. >> emotional farewell at
9:33 pm
washington national cathedral as friends family said goodbye to former astronaut neal armstrong dying last month at age yoochlt he will always be known to be the first man to step on the moon. last man choked up as he saluted his colleague. >> farewell my friend. you have left us far too soon. but we want you to know we do cherish the time we have had and shared together god bless you neal. >> armstrong will be buried tomorrow at to be satisfactory a private ceremony. special honda in sacrament sacramento. state highest award for public safety officers presented. 3 men honored at the medal of valor ceremony held at the state capitol to. among the recipient san francisco firefighters william who received the aard for saving 3 lives in 2011. state attorney general harris expressed her
9:34 pm
parade and gratitude. >> i stand with great deal of pride knowing that we in california represent are the finest of what happens in this country in terms of public safety in law enforcement. and the 3 of you have been chosen today as an example of that. >> the other 2 recipient are riverside police officers and el cajon police officer. >> bullying is one of the most disturbing problems facing our children today. in san francisco 3000 public school students took a pledge to stop bullying after being inspired by much talked about movie called bully. of lee ann has more on this campaign. >>reporter: the 90 minute movie bully is at times hard to watch. these san francisco students had no problem relating to its contents. >> i have trouble making friends. >>reporter: movie director has been showing it to students as part of a national campaign to end bullying.
9:35 pm
>> we are hearing about it more understanding about it more. people are feeling empowered to tell their stories. >>reporter: at today event both san francisco mayor and the superintendent of schools pledged to create schools that are safe. mayor lee admitted once being a victim and aggressor. >> it was natural to see who i could find weaker than me to let off some steam and realizing that, you know, put myself in that person position. >>reporter: u.s. attorney for the northern district of california haig also joined the campaign today saying changes are coming. >> capturing everyone heart, capturing the hearts of legislators. they are the ones that can change the law. >>reporter: but it's the students most affected by the movie. >> i'll stop it because my l standard is there's no purpose of watching someone get hurt over nothing. >> people should be a bigger person and stand up for themselves and be nice to each
9:36 pm
other. bullying is not the right thing to do and it should be stopped. >>reporter: beginning on monday over the next would wee weeks oakland unified will take every middle high school student in the district to watch this movie. that's over 13,000 students. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. new problem with on line banking. >> imagine if you had money you could not use. that's what some consumers and non-profit are saying about their funds at pay pal. controversy ahead on 7 on your side. l. >> the new energy bar that could take a mainly bite out of the
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>> there are dozens of energy bars on grocery store shelves but a research group has just
9:40 pm
started testing one of its own. the difference is this bar could help obese teenager to fight off debilitating diseas diseases. >> this is decaf espresso sib mon. >>reporter: the professor wants to take a bite out of obesity and some disease associated with it. to help his team at the children hospital oakland research institute have come up with what is known as the corey bar. >> we decided maybe we could make a kind of super vitamin bar. >> they combine mineral vitamin and fiber in dozens of variation over the course of a decade n.clinical trial they notice the different combination had different effects. such as balancing the factor that help the body control various types of cholesterol. >> and now we are to the point where we can really tune up metabolism. raise hdl and lower ldl and lower inflammation and lower your insulin resistance and do all these wonderful things. >> theory is many obese people
9:41 pm
are actually starving not for calorie but mineral and vitamin not found in processed food. problem can be compounded by subsequent damage to the digestive track. >> bad things start to happen because the body is reacting to those things coming across. >>reporter: he helps treat the formula and flavor barely edible when it started. usda helped manufacture the bar to be used in wider clinical trials. right now researchers at corey are launching a new trial to see if this bar could help with the symptoms of another disease of often associated with obesity. this will be the first time we have done a trial on people who actually have an obesity related condition. we are going to do a trial in adolescent obese asthmatic. >>reporter: joyce says the mass study will involve 2 groups of bees teenagers. both will receive coaching on diet and exercise but one group will also eat the bar twice a day to
9:42 pm
test the effect. >> we have shoynt actually improve insulin and improve antioxidant defense. these are the same marker elevated in these in the obese and in the obese asthmatic. >>reporter: whatever the outcome the research team believes the information will lead to better understanding of the regulationship between diet and disease. perhaps lead to commercial version of the bar target to specific population or condition. >> and cheap and it works. >>reporter: the trials are ongoing. like to learn more go to our web site. >> tell all book coming to store soon. >> also the new pay pal proble problem. some customers can't get to their money. 7 on your get to their money. 7 on your side
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>> frustration mounting among pay pal users that captain get access to the money they deposited in their own account. michael take as look at the problem. >> available balance in u.s. dollars zero. he couldn't believe his pay pal account had a zero balance. the pittsburgh man just sold a stereo amply fire on ebay and the money was deposited into his pay pal account. the pay pal put a 21 day hold on his funds. it says to protect its customers. >> what they are doing you know is wrong. they have an obligation as money transmit tore transmit money. >>reporter: pay pal declined on camera interview but in an e-mail told 7 on your side some ebay sellers and some pay pal small merchant are subject to holds due to their limited transaction history or have a higher than average risk.
9:47 pm
great majority of ebay sell remembers not subject to any hold. ebay and pay pal are both owned by ebay ink consumer advocate say the policy is a bit extreme. michelle is a senior attorney with consumer union. >> customer should be able to obtain their funds or access to their funds in a timely american. >> california financial code says company such as pay pal have 10 days to forward all money received for transmissio transmission. unless otherwise agreed to by the customer and pay pal says it's customers agree to longer hold time when they sign the 46 page user agreement. many pay pal customers taken to the internet to vent their frustration. >> pay pal tack money from the bank account. pay pal steals money. pay pal bank account horror story. >>reporter: pay pal is working hard to improve. the issue has caught the attention of san francisco assembly member tom am yan oychlt it's a little
9:48 pm
black and white and they can do it because they are pay pal. >>reporter: consumer aren't the only ones who complain. >> apparently there have been reports from small businesses and charity that are struggling with trying to have a positive cash flow because of these hold time. investigating needs to be done into this matter. she agrees that something needs to be done. >> so what i would like to see is some movement on the part of pay pal sitting by my phone waiting for them to call. >>reporter: she says if that doesn't happen the legislative hearing even legislative action is possible. pay pal released hold on james moan about 3 weeks after the purchase and after he submitted proof the merchandise had been received by the buyer. i'm michael, 7 on your side. >> monica is apparently shopping around a top secret book project. woman at the center of the sex scandal in 1998 that led to president clinton impeachment may finally
9:49 pm
be telling her side of the story. "new york post"reports she has been making the rounds to major publisher. her representative had no comment, though. >> bay area native santana just signed a mainly book deal. he's 65 and ready to tell the story of his life and career. he's won 15 grammy awards. his book doesn't yet have a title. it's expected to hit stores in 2014. let's get another check of the forecast now with spencer. >> okay carolyn we start with a time lapse view this afternoon from high definition east bay camera in emeryville. mainly sunny but high clouds moving of hay. didn't cool us down. still warm day for most of the bay area except the coastal area. tomorrow will be a very similar kind of day with some low clouds fog at the coast. temperature range from upper 50's to low 60's. today high. i'll ahead of my we had upper 50's low 60's on the coast. 70's around the bay and high in the 90's. 96 livermore
9:50 pm
fairfield and tomorrow a similar kind of day. high of 59 at pacifica tomorrow and high of 71 at oakland and move farther to the inland east bay high of 93 at brentwood. similar range to what we saw today and here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. next 3 day west see inland high in the low 90's. take us through the weekend. cool down just a tad moving into early next week but nice and warm ncaa and pleasant. 70's around the bay just about 60 on the coast. almost picture perfect weather. >> sounds great. getting ready for your book. >> dial that while i still can. time is running out. >> while you remember all the stories. >> all right today motivational speaker brown sat down with katie to discuss the latest research on the key to happiness. brown appeared on her new talk show here on abc 7. according to brown the secret to living what she calls a whole hearted life is allowing herself to be
9:51 pm
vulnerable and dare greatly. >> would i never claim it doesn't hurt because i have been on the hard side of that but i think it hurts worse to never have dared greatly and to wonder what could have happene happened. >> katie surprised audience members and viewers with red dress give away in honor of the traveling red dress project that encourages women to live in the moment. katie airs at 3:00 o'clock on 7. tomorrow she interview jennifer lopez who dirs on life after voshtion life after "american idol"and why able is nothing but a number. for jennifer lopez it is nothing but a number. for the rest of us. >> number is 10 million dollars or something like that. >> there you go. >> the in sports the number a a's worried about today was zero. because that's what they zero. because that's what they got off
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>> breaking news pleasant hill high speed chase just ended and empty school yard with police opening fire. we have a live report for you on 7 news at 1
9:55 pm
11:00. >> also local company finds out the hard way what happens when the invention doesn't make it that the new i-phone. join us for those stories and much more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. writ now larry here with sports for us. >> start with the a's they have been on an amazing run with 12 straight road win going for 13. this afternoon in anaheim with anderson and weaver. dueling it out. 10 day rest here. he was dealing. 7 scoreless struck out nip. anderson had 5 strike outs of his own. albert swing and myself on the fourth. hunter a solo bottom 1 nothing angels. anderson 6 and two-thirds. ended up allowing 5 runs 2 nothing here now. single in a pair off reliever chavez 4 nothing. angels score in the seventh and avoid the sweep. the streak comes an en
9:56 pm
end. play off chase. orioles and razor 14 innings it took. manny to left can't make the catch. o's win 3-two coming to oakland tomorrow. virtual tie for these teams for the wild card. past couple years stanford was one of the elite team in the pack 12. usc down. on probation. seams like order has been restored. with sc a super power once again. cardinal host the trojan saturday night. i know a co-anchor who would like tickets. stanford won 4 of the last 5 meetings including instant classic fashion but luck is gone now and usc coach is well aware of that. >> not easy to replace guy who is the best prospect ever to come out some people said. they lost other parts on offense but they have a great system. very well coached. >> a lot of guys played in big
9:57 pm
games before. council the young guys. first big game. our guys understand this is a tough game. chance to make a big play you have to make it. >> look out for lee. 49ers beat the packers in the season opener. green basement back in action tonight. thursday nature football. hosting nfc north rival the chicago bears. 300 regular season game at lambeaux field. all defense early. 12 total sack in the game and there is matthews the former trojan. 3 and a half of his team 7 sack. fake field goal. punter with a toss to todd and opens width up. for a 27 yard touch down. gutsy call. rodgers only 1 td pass. 26 yard strike to donald drive driver. also known as the dancing with the star champion. working it right there. there he is. lambeaux leap. he still has it. he could also
9:58 pm
catch. packers win. lazarus stopped by talking about the new back best of rival with montana and young thought of the time together. he goes in the relationship. how it shaped and he says it was not as up comfort as we thoychlt i don't think you could say there was animosity or hatred or anything like. that it was just really uncomfortable for them and people around them. tough situation. i think they both felt a little bit betrayed by the organization. >>reporter: play of the night awkward was the word. calhoun put basketball on the map today after 3 national title a ton of controversy illness sanction et cetera. calhoun announced retime. led connecticut from basketball obscurity to national prominence. leaves after 26 years of hall of famer with 8 73 career victory. crusty old new englander. 70-year-old calhoun beat cancer three times. recently
9:59 pm
fractured his hip. former yukon player oliver take over the hudson. >> all those who try to understand me i don't know how you could do that. i have a difficult time with that concept myself but more importantly for all those people who reach out to help us make the calhoun drive to connecticut 26 and a half years ago thank you very, very much >> quite a story. women british open. 16-year-old english amateur hull right up there with the leders after round wuchbility another teenager 15 years old drain the putt on sixteen. even par 72. tied for 12. age 15. michelle wie rough day literally. can't get out of the huge bunker. webb had 3 birdie and in the mix. one back of the leader. >> all right larry thanks. >> that does it for us. i'm carolyn johnson for larry spencer all of us here look


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